"Taking each day & each moment, one step at a time..."

The 30 Day NICU Devotional is a month’s worth of encouragements from the neonatal experience. The devotions are quick and inspiring, and fit for the busy NICU schedule. From scriptures to prayers, small journal exercises and powerful uplifting quotes, it’s all intended as a supplement to your daily living with encouragement on building and maintaining a relationship with God. While the neonatal life can drain families with the ups and downs along the way, this devotional will encourage, inspire and re-strengthen.

This Devotional was written with intent for NICU families; however open to all. If you are outside the NICU community and wish to restart the next 30 days with positive reinforcements, encouragements, scriptures, and prayers – this devotional is for you as well.

Inside the devotional is our very own NICU Buddy Program as well as additional journal entries!

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See What People Are Saying

"It helps give you the confidence in knowing God's got this!"

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Brooke Bederka

It's really inspirational! πŸ’œ It helps give you the confidence in knowing God's got this and this may be a tough mountain to climb but we're not alone in this journey.  Each scripture is so helpful πŸ’œ Thank you so much for putting on the giveaway and for being a great support group for NICU moms πŸ’œ.


Thanks!  The book came at a perfect time, as my miracle ended up back in the hospital when the book arrived.  I got through a few pages and it felt good to know I wasn't going through this alone - and this too will pass.  The baby is home and healthy and I haven't had a whole lot of time to keep going, but I am excited to continue and continue to strengthen my relationship with God. πŸ’œ

See What People Are Saying

"The book came at a perfect time!"

* * * * *

Mariann W. Shaw (Author)

Mariann was introduced to motherhood through the neonatal unit at 28 weeks in her pregnancy. During her time in the NICU, she grew closer to God through prayer and scripture. It was in that season she learned to how to pray, trust God, and take daily obstacles one step at a time. This devotional was created by and through her testimony: life challenging hardships mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even physically. It is Mariann's sincerest desire and prayer that this devotional minister to every reader.